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Challenge 1 - Generate 6-Digits OTP
Challenge 2 - Simulate all the phases of a flight - taxiing, takeoff, cruise, descent, landing
Challenge 3 - Protect our Elephants, Using sensors on trains
Challenge 4 - Train the Hanu Robo to Clean Up your room
Challenge 5 - Clone your way to a colourful stream of Stars
Challenge 6 - Your day to be a Quizmaster
Challenge 7 - Create a Fun and Interactive Greeting card for the upcoming Special Occasion
Challenge 8 - Be a HomeChef: Breakfast is on you today
Challenge 9 - What is the Day today?
Challenge 10 - Training Hanu Robo for a Platformer Contest
Challenge 11 - Game for drone delivery of medicines Inspired by #Zipline
Challenge 12 - Game for a cooling drink for you and your friends
Challenge 13 - Create and Code a Tennis Ball Machine
Challenge 14 - Create and Code a Rainbow Memory Game
Challenge 15 - Create and Code a Driver Reflex Test
Challenge 16 - Be the Wordsmith
Challenge 17 - Be a Mason and Build a Wall Brick-Brick
Challenge 18 - Game to draw Peacock Feathers
Challenge 19 - Fun with Soap Bubbles
Challenge 20 - Being George Boole - Logical Expressions for Ice-Cream Orders
Challenge 21 - Coding up a Self-Driving Car
Challenge 22 - Coding up the Grid for the Calendar Month
Challenge 23 - Coding up the Calendar Months with Dates
Challenge 24 - Showcase Your Logo
Challenge 25 - Orbiting the Sun using cos/sin to calculate x/y coordinates
Challenge 26 - How high the balls bounce?
Challenge 27 - A Secret Diary, you need to decode/encode (just like Scratch Cloud variables)
Challenge 28 - Drawing Patterns - using Math to create Patterns
Challenge 29 - An Air Vortex Cannon - Creating Vortex Rings/torus
Challenge 30 - Code to Celebrate with a little Jig, a Dance for your Series Grand Finale’