TSD - Time Speed Distance Car Rally Python Mini-Project

What is a TSD Car Rally?

A regularity rally, called time-speed-distance or TSD rally, is a type of international motorsport rally with the object of driving each segment of a course in a specified time at a specified average speed. The rally is usually conducted on public roads, but sometimes includes off-road and track sections.

A typical regularity rally may run for a few hours or it may run over a series of stages over a few days.

Once a team is prepared, they will usually start the rally at a specific time unique to them. Along the route, the team will encounter marshals (Time-Checks). The position of the marshals is usually not known to the teams. The time at which the team arrives at each marshal is recorded and used in the scoring. 

In India these rallys are organized by Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) in collaboration with Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI). Two of the most famous rallies are Indian National TSD Rally Championship and Times Women Drive (TWD).