Python Tutorials - Your Guide to Getting Started

Introduction to Python Tutorials for Beginners and New Learners to Coding

If you have decided to start learning Python, we have a series of tutorials that we have curated from our experiences of teaching coding to new and young learners.

We will support your learning journey through weekly QnA and support you in your coding journey through a variety of different methods.

Python Tutorials - The Basics​

Coding Challenges - Practice for List and Loops

Python IDE | Installation and Setup of PyCharm

The first step we will do is setup an Integrated Development Environment to get started. We are using PyCharm from Jetbrains as our coding environment as it is a widely-used comprehensive tool

This is your first look at PyCharm | Running your first program

Go ahead and get started with your first program in IDE. Understand the basic framework of the IDE, how to organize your code files, create a new Python file, write the code, and run the program. You will then look at the output console and how to read it.

Python Code to Generate a 6-Digit OTP | import your first python module - random

This video will make you take a leap and get into the thick of coding by you importing a module and calling the random function to be able to generate a 6 Digits OTP. Its a little bit long, as we have covered a few things around learning. But if you are the type that wants to only code, you can use the following timing information to jump into the particular section.

Python Code to use variables and basic Math operators like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

This video starts with a fun puzzle that guesses the remainder of a few math operations. We then go back to our OTP program to write the code to simulate this Quiz and test that it works with all kind of numbers. 

Python Code to play Lucky 50; a funfair inspired game | Take action based on conditions, using If, elif, else

In this tutorial you simulate the 7 UP, 7 DOWN Game, where based on the number generated the code prints the appropriate message. This introduces you to the fundamental conditional coding in any programming language – the if – else condition.

What is the Big Deal about different Types of Data? Python Code to see Int and Str and convert str to int

This tutorial is a must watch to understand on how there are different types of data that are used commonly in real world and how they are used in the world of programming. You will  then see how just the humble integer and string can cause so much havoc to the Interpreter.

Additonally, You will get comfortable with looking at many different kind of errors, and how to handle them when you come across them.

Code Challenge - Python code to play the Game Rock, Paper, Scissors

This is your opportunity to start Coding with us as you enjoy a popular game amongst kids – Rock, Paper, Scissors. You will Code that will utilise the function choice of random module. You will then be using if:elif:else condition to find out who is the Winner.

Coding Challenges - The Basics

Python Tutorials | Data Types List, Strings​ | Use and application

Python Data Type: Introduction to List, one the most versatile sequence type to store collections of items

This tutorial will get you introduced to the very basics on how to create a list and iterate through the elements.

Python Data Type: Introduction to List - Part 2 - accessing elements using index

This tutorial will get you introduced to accessing the elements by their index. 

Python code to play Lucky 50 10 times | Using the 'while' loop and 'for' loop for the problem statement

We will now do a Code Challenge to keep generating a number until we get the number 50. This requires us to use a loop that can be run based on a condition. You are therefore introduced to the ‘while’ loop. You will also use another loop ignorer to run this 10 times.

Coding Challenges - Practice for List and Loops

Python Data Type: Introduction to String - Part 1 | Defining String in 3 Ways | accessing elements

This tutorial helps you get started in defining of the String data type and doing basic operations. You will practice on accessing the elements of the String by using the indices.

Python Code Challenge to list down all sub-strings | You are going to be using a nested for loop

This tutorial helps you get started in applying what you have learnt so far by doing a slightly complex logic on listing down all of the sub-strings. Sub-strings are basically continuous sequence of characters in a given string. The problem makes you use many things that you have learned so far, and tests you by taking one notch up as you will need to use nested loops.

Python Code Challenge to format a given text message in Standard English format | You are going to be using String functions like capitalize, startswith, replace

This tutorial Challenges you to test yourself by converting a strangely formatted text message into proper English format. You will try out the string functions and see how to produce a desirable outcome. You are going to be using String functions like capitalise, startswith, replace.

Transitioning to be a programmer - Using Functions

This tutorial enables you to make the shift to start writing your Code using Functions such that your code is easy to understand, debug, and maintain.

Coding Challenges - Practice for Strings