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Launching People Sprites

Did you know, it is super easy to create graphics of people? Yes, You can create your own characters.

Would you like to create a new super hero or avatar of your friends?

We will provide you with awesome vector sprites, these give you flexibility to create own graphics of clothes, hairdos, facial features, walking, dancing, sitting and more.

Imagine the possibility of creating your own characters!

Select your Theme for the Story Track

Make your own festival
  1. Write down your Idea of a new festival that you Imagine/Create
  2. Give it a name
  3. What is the story behind it
  4. What are the special celebrations related to the festival?
  5. What objects are needed for the festival (like Decoration. Flowers, Colors, Rangoli)
  6. Clothes
  7. Food
  8. People you celebrate the festival with (example like Rakhi is for brother-sister, Kite-flying festival, Diwali/Eid/Christmas, Halloween/Holi with friends)
Cover maximum points listed above.
Childhood is special because of …. Featuring 1-2 people who make your childhood awesome
  1. Think of who/what makes your childhood interesting (Karate Teacher/ Dance Teacher/ MathTeacher/ Grandparents/ Parents/ Friends/ Cousins/ Uncle/ Aunty/ Neighbours/ School Teachers, Gardener, Shopkeeper, Cook, Driver)
  2. Write down 2-3 anecdotes to cover following aspects
    • Mention an anecdote that is funny/witty/humourous
    • Mention an anecdote that shows how you learnt something
    • Mention an event where you got in a situation and now when you look back, laugh over it
Cover maximum points listed above


Story Submission Criterion:

Create atleast 3-5 minute story. Your story should have a 

    1. Minimum of 4 different scenes/backdrops/locations
    2. 4 Human characters
    3. 10 objects
    4. Animation in each scene

You can use as many Scenes, characters and objects to Creatively make your story and Capture it in a Digital Story forever.

Try to cover as many points listed in your selected track for a powerful narrative.


Select your Theme for the Gaming Track

Treasure Hunt

  1. Think of a theme for the Treasure Hunt. Can be anything from Outdoor Theme/ Home/School/Picnic/Adventure/World/
  2. The characters inside the Game are your Family members/Friends/School Trip/Children’s Camp. You must use atleast 2-3 members in your Game
  3. The player playing the Game has to Hunt for Treasure
  4.  At each Level the player discovers the next Clue.
  5. To get the Clue, at each Level, there can be different ways to find the Clue – like Click something on the Screen.
  6. The Clue can be in 
    1. Text, or
    2. Image or 
    3. Sound
  7. When the user finishes a Level, give some kind of prize/award/coin/trophy/medal.
  8. At the Last Level, the player finds the Treasure.

Plan your own Journey (Hiking/Leisure/Adventure/Historical)

Pre-Travel (Level 1)

  • Choose 3 Destinations
  • Mode of travel
  • Travel partners
  • Money and docs
    • Travel Budget
    • Currency/Exchange
    • Travel documents
    • Travel Insurance
  • Travel Baggage
    • What to pack
    • What to buy

Travel (Level 2-3-4)

  • Total 3 Destinations
  • Each Level cover 1 Destination
  • Show travel mode (the more the variety and unique ways, more fun and creative). You can introduce some unforeseen situations like cancellation, hitch-hiking, tyre puncture
  • In each destination
    • Visit places
    • What all to do
    • Where and what to eat
    • People You meet
    • Collect Souvenirs
  • Souvenir should lead to next destination

Post-Travel (Level 5)

  • Holiday Photographs (Create Collage)
  • Souvenirs
  • Backpack (with 3 Stickers) – some creative way to show the Gamers has finished and visited all the Destinations


Submission Criterion:

Create a Game with atleast/Minimum 5 Levels

Each Level should have interesting things for the Gamer to do, collect and strive for the next Level

Build an Award/Incentive/Score system for the player