This a series of byte-sized tutorials to help map on how the constructs of a programming language map to the MIT Scratch Programming Platform.

Introduction to the Series: How the MIT Scratch Programming maps to the Programming Languages like Java, Python etc?

  • Programming Environment
  • Language Syntax
  • Data Structures
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Functions
  • Synchronization and Parallelism
  • Debugging your code
  • Input-Output
  • Extensions/Libraries/Modules

How does the Scratch Programming Environment support for Collaborative and fun Coding for its young developers?

In the programming world, the coding platform is called IDE,  Integrated Development Environment. We will look at the programming environment for MIT Scratch.

Our objective as educators and parents should be to ensure that we use the #Scratch ecosystem and the platform to help our children to take to creative programming and develop their logical thinking in a fun and playful manner. These life-skills will go with them in whichever area of interest they pursue their goals.