Summer Online Challenge for #Scratchers and #Coders


Have you been developing #Scratch projects? Are you looking to UP your SKILLS, CODE more complex stuff, and CODE more Creative stuff?

Calling #Scratchers can #Remix to Add their own Levels or enhance a level, like baking a mango cake, or making your ice cream Sunday, or your favorite Mango recipe.

team, teamwork, together


Children can submit individual entries, or in teams upto 3 members


Build on top of the Mango Game using Scratch Software

different nationalities, children, human

Remix and Add

Create your own level, collaborate with you friends

Published on YouTube

The selected Projects and Interview with the Creator will be published on the Panchatantra Programming YouTube Channel

Mentoring for Children

We will provide Online Support and Mentoring for children on all stages through the time period.


What age group can participate?

Scratchers and Programmers of any age, who would llike to develop and create and code some fun and original Indian content.

How do I convince my parents that this is useful?

You can show them some of the projects on Scratch and discuss what and why do you want to use Scratch.

Will my projects get showcased on YouTube Channel with me and my team members names?

Yes, we encourage #coding and #creative content by showcasing on our platform

I am in Grade 9 and above, can I use Scratch, or I must use Python or some other programming language?

Oh definitely yes, the software engineers also find creating stuff using the Scratch platform interesting and fun and see it as a powerful medium to build logic, problem-solving, creative thinking and coding skills. If you enjoy making animations or games, you can use Scratch. 

I enjoy making Games, can I use Scratch, or is it only for the kids.

Do explore the projects on Scratch and you will see the quality and diversity of the profiles and the projects, Teachers, programmers, parents, and offcourse children, all make Scratch a vibrant platform.