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Creative Coding Deep-Engagement Program with the 180+ Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential School Educators

A few of our Volunteers talk about our engagement with the Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Schools

As we started this year, Panchatantra Programming got an opportunity, in partnership with CSPathshala, to work with the 180+ Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Schools.

This came as a New Year Gift, and we started to put together the program that will enable 180+ unique stories to be #Created and #Coded by those many schools.

The Early Adopters of Panchatantra Programming

When Panchatantra Programming focused on the Creative aspect of Coding, it needed willing early adopters. Parents who were willing to try programs that were not academically structured or had a fixed coding curriculum. 

Creative platform for children to bring stories to life using Coding

When we launched Panchatantra Programming a year back (July 2019), the only one thing we were certain of was that we were creating a platform for children to express their creativity, and the rest all was based on the groundwork that followed.

Sharing Joy of One Year of Panchatantra Programming

Thank You, everyone. Its been a year since I conceptualized Panchatantra Programming. A very experimental journey, full of trials and pilots and roll-outs as we are creating programs that don’t become cookie-cutter models, and yet have a possibility of scale and reach out.